G'day, I'm Jason Alvey

I moved here from tropical Australia to be with my wife, Heather, in 2001. Now, almost 20 years later, I have become an American citizen and I think of myself as a Minnesotan. I still have a bit of an accent though, and whether you identify as female, male, or nonbinary, I'm probably going to call you "mate"!

My Background


I've worked in the cycling industry for over ten years, in both Australia and the U.S.A. I've been riding bikes my entire life; all kinds of bikes in all kinds of climates.


I was born in Brisbane, Australia. The third biggest city in that country and of those three, by far the hottest. The heat and humidity are extreme and there's no real winter. Certainly, nothing compared to the Minnesota winters we experience. 


Brisbane is a very hilly place surrounded by eucalyptus forest so it's not surprising I ended up with a mountain bike. I became obsessed. So much so, I landed a job at a bike store, Indooroopilly Super Cycles, in order to really embrace my new passion. I managed the store, lead group rides, and learned the industry for three years before setting off on a backpacking trip to Ireland. During that trip, I met my American wife, Heather, and eventually moved to Minnesota. 


I moved to Minneapolis in 2001 and quickly landed a job with Erik's Bike Shop. My eight years there were amazing and taught me the bulk of what I know about bikes, riding bikes, and how to fix them. I must have changed thousands of tubes during my time there. These days I can almost do it with my eyes closed! 


My Experience


I ride mountain bikes, fat bikes, road bikes, single speed, and commuting bikes. I enjoy all disciplines of cycling but spend most of my time commuting and training in a heavily urban environment. 

As a year-round commuter and road cyclist, I'm on track to ride over 5,000 miles this year. While I'm doing all that peddling I've encountered pretty much every situation you can imagine; mechanical, environmental, and driver-related. I've managed two different bike stores in two different countries and have had advanced training in road bike fit and technical knowledge. My time managing the Erik's Bloomington store included years of custom bike fitting for Seven Cycles and all the detail orientated product knowledge that comes with the assembly of high-end custom bikes.  


These days, personal fitness is an important part of my lifestyle. While I've always been a cyclist there was a time recently when my health had deteriorated and I wasn't as fit as I am now. Cycling was a big part of getting my health back on track and it's going to be part of my plan to stay healthy now for the rest of my life. Not to mention reducing my carbon footprint!

Now I enjoy pushing myself with century rides and longer - last year my wife and I capped out with a 136-mile ride in 9 hours! The training that goes into that kind of riding is considerable, but if you know what you're doing these long-distance tests of endurance can be less painful than you might think. 

Of course, all those miles you put in riding to work and back count as "base miles". Without question, commuting makes you a stronger rider.  


My mission is to help as many people as possible prepare for and enjoy riding to work. By joining me as a bike commuter you'll be reducing traffic, reducing your carbon footprint, and increasing your health and fitness.



Let me know how I can help. 






Jason Alvey


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