What exactly do I do?


I work with you either at your house, your business, your nonprofit, or on the road. I will teach you mechanical skills, with all the tricks and nuanced insights that come from over a decade working at bike stores. I will help you prepare to ride to work and show you what you'll need whether it's the heat of summer or the extreme Minnesota winter. I will ride with you, as a coach and assistant, or as a fitness instructor for a one-of-a-kind workout. Either way, I'm your advocate and mentor. I'm as excited to get you on your bike as you are. Let's ride!

 I Can Help You With:


  • Figuring out what you need to ride to work; both bike & gear
  • How to prepare to ride to work in the Minnesota winter
  • Bike knowledge: frame material/styles/wheel sizes/frame geometry
  • Changing a tube/ fixing a flat/ tire pressure
  • Brake tuning/ gear tuning
  • Mystery bike sounds
  • Proper gear operation 
  • Drivetrain maintenance and lubrication
  • Bike advice/ fit advice
  • Accessories
  • Bicycle etiquette/ rules/ laws of the road/what to do if you get hit by a car
  • Fitness/ event training
  • Fitness/ workout rides
  • Bike handling skills/ group riding skills
  • Teaching first-time adults how to ride a bike

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