Marc - St. Paul, MN


I recently started biking to work again after a long break. Jason was very supportive and offered me advice on routes and equipment. Then one night a fellow co-worker had a flat tire and I watched Jason fix it. Jason did it expertly, explaining the process as he went, the cause and what needed to be done to prevent the puncture from happening again. 

I was impressed with his knowledge and realized there was a lot I did not know about bike repair. When Jason approached me about his idea of teaching about bike repair I jumped at the chance. He and I worked together for about an hour going over the basics. He taught me a lot in that hour and I look forward to getting together again and learning more about cycling and taking care of my bike.

Malcolm - Minneapolis


Working with Jason Alvey was great. I’ve always been intimidated and insecure going to a bike shop for repairs, I’ve always felt shamed and talked down to for having a novice level of bike knowledge. That wasn’t the case with Jason, he’s hands-on, down to earth, friendly and genuinely wants you to get better and learn more about your bike.


We worked on changing tires, applying rim tape and bottom bracket and brake maintenance. All in all just a really enjoyable and informative experience. Highly recommended!!

Urban Cycling Coach 



Either one-on-one at your house, or a class at your workplace, I'll teach you everything you've ever wanted to know and give you the confidence you need to ride to work through a dense, urban environment, all year long. 

Riding around Minneapolis, St. Paul can be a lot of fun, especially if you're one of the rapidly growing number of people riding to work! You'll save money on gas, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase your fitness as you enjoy the beautiful Minnesota outdoors. I enjoy getting others as excited about all these aspects of riding to work as I am. Check out these testimonials then take a look at my SERVICES and PRICING pages.

Jackie - Minneapolis, MN

I highly recommend taking one of Jason's bike training courses if you want to enjoy biking more, get more out of your biking experience, learn how to service/repair your bike, or simply spend time in the presence of a dynamic, passionate, friendly, experienced, bike enthusiast! 


As a person who knows very little about bikes, I learned a lot!  Jason is passionate about biking and you feel it.  He wants you to feel comfortable, confident and safe while riding, so his coaching is not only engaging and thorough, but also practical and useful.  Jason is curious about you as a person, he asks questions, he wants to know you; he cares.  


Jason gave me the opportunity to work hands-on with the skills he was teaching me.  Changing a tire has several steps.  He walked me through each one and then let me practice.  He is very patient (I feel nervous being watched) and his easy demeanor helped me to relax.  He provided different scenarios, things to look for (locating and removing what caused the puncture), and he also brought along tools to show me what I want to carry.  He let me take pictures and videos.  He also told me that I could contact him again with any biking questions I have, and I definitely will!  


This experience has me feeling more confident and capable about riding further away from home for longer periods of time.  I have the tools, skills and peace of mind that I need to enjoy my riding time.  Thanks Jason!


Happy Biking,

Jackie Kovacs

Julie - St. Louis Park, MN


I took one of Jason’s mechanical skills classes and now feel totally prepared to take care of basic bike maintenance issues on the road or at home. Jason’s depth and breadth of knowledge make him an excellent resource for all types of bikes and all types of issues.


More importantly, Jason was an effective teacher. He took the mystery out of solving some of the common issues I encounter with my bikes. His explanations were clear and he was patient in his teaching style. I can’t wait to meet with him again.

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