Inviting me to present at your workplace or nonprofit not only benefits your employees, it may make your organization more attractive to your customers, clients, and donors.

A recent study from the Univerity of Michigan, which you can read here, shows a record 73% of Americans now believe and understand climate change is occurring. What's more, a growing number of us also see human activity as the main cause behind the warming climate. We are at the beginning of a cultural shift which may, as little as ten years from now, mean it'll be socially unacceptable not be doing everything you can to help the planet and our environment. 


Many people already make purchasing or donation decisions based partly on how corporations or nonprofits view their responsibility towards the environment. This kind of behavior is only going to increase. Consider these questions:


  • Is your business or nonprofit a steward of the local environment?

  • Does your company or nonprofit do everything it can to encourage and assist its staff to also be stewards?

  • Does your business or nonprofit incentivize staff to use alternative transit rather than drive to work?  

  • What steps has your organization taken to make these alternatives as easy and attractive as possible to all staff? 


Cycling to work, either on a traditional bike or an electric assist bike, is going to be part of any comprehensive traffic congestion solution, and the environmental benefits are obvious.


Consider having me present a fun and informative seminar for your employees on the mechanics and the benefits of riding to work. Your team will enjoy it and probably share aspects of it on social media (something I encourage). This, of course, reflects positively on your organization for being so progressive and hosting such an event.   


You might be surprised how energized and positive your staff become once they start riding to work even just a couple of days a week. People who ride to work not only feel better physically, they are happier and ready to contribute!


Graph courtesy of the National Surveys on Energy and Environment.

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